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Search for Inspiration - Moments of Self Doubt!

I have been scouring through blog after blog today, looking for inspiration. What started out as a fun task to get some unique recipes for the week, has turned into an "OMG" what have I let myself in for, moment! 

The blogs I have viewed today are so wonderfully put together, the layouts, and of course the recipes. Wonderful people with wonderful ideas and expertise, it is all so incredible. These food blogs are so far beyond anything I am doing at the minute that I have to admit, I am very intimidated and find all of this kinda scary to say the least. Should I even continue, should I even bother?

I took a deep breath and a break and did some soul searching, along with a nice cold glass of Baileys on the Rocks! Whew...amazing what a little alcohol and some space can do lol! I decided to stop looking through blogs and look for some inspirational quotes. I don't know if you have noticed, but quotes feature big time on my blogs. So I came across this one and thought, hey that hits the spot, for now atleast.

“Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go.”

I can't let myself be intimidated or allow myself to space out on Food Blog Overload! Instead, I need to focus on the positive and take from these fabulous blogs, all the wonderful inspiration and temper that ( see what I did there ), with fun and just chill. Of course this is great advise to use in all areas of one's life. Although, I don't know if a cold glass of Bailey's on the Rocks is always appropriate for all situations lol!

Everything in life is a lesson, some good, some bad but always, and you can be damn sure there is opportunity to grow and learn something we never thought we could; grow into something we never dreamed of.

So I will plod along on this winding course and fumble my way through the Foodie Maze and hope to come out at the end, not only a better cook but a person who doesn't allow intimidation to stop her. A person who is proud of her accomplishments, who is creative, fun and very much Chilled!

So Cheers My Deer, Slainte agus Tainte! I say bring it!  


  1. Great quote! Just be yourself and things will play out in your favor, you'll see. :))

  2. Continue what you are doing because you love it :) and that's all that matters! (in my book anyway) And you are doing a great job!!!!! Nice post. (for me wine always helps!)


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